Lodging Hamanasu II

Lodging Hamanasu II
4-12-39 Honcho, Hokuto-shi, Hokkaido


Lodging Hamanasu II is a place where you can easily stay on a daily or monthly basis similar to hotels and ryokan (Japanese inn). Single-bed and twin-bed rooms come at such reasonable prices here. It can also be used for sport camps. Moreover, it is in a mere 5-minute distance from the JR Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station, and is a 2-minute walk from the municipal hot spring "Seseragi Onsen."

Hokuto City Health Center "Seseragi Onsen" (hot spring)


About Seseragi Onsen

Facing the Onogawa river, this is a hot spring where you can peacefully relax while listening to the sound of the flowing river stream.

It is effective for nerve pain, muscle pain, fatigue recovery, health enhancement and so on, and its affordable price (300 yen per adult) is definitely attractive. The main bath has a high ceiling that makes it very spacious. A bubble bath, a waterfall shower, a sauna, a cold bath and other types of bath are also available, so you can enjoy the hot spring according to your preference. The outside bath has a roof, too, so you can relax in the bath no matter the weather.

Overview of the Facilities

◆Business hours: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

◆Hot spring type: Salt spring (isotonic neutral to high onsen)

◆Temperature: 78.2℃ at the source

◆Flow: 500 liters per minute (power pump)

Effects of Hot Spring

[ Indications ]

  • Nerve pain / muscle ache / joint ache / frozen shoulder / motor paralysis / bruises / stiff joints / contusion / sprain / chronic digestive diseases / hemorrhoid / sensitivity to cold / recovery from illness / soothing effect / health enhancement / wounds / burns and chronic skin diseases / frail children / and chronic feminine diseases

[ Contraindications ]

  • Acute disease (especially if there is fever) / active tuberculosis / malignant tumor / serious heart disease / respiration failure / dysfunction of kidneys / bleeding disease / serious anemia / pregnancy (especially first and third trimesters) / and other generally progressing diseases
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